IMG_0059George and I retired on December 31, 2014 and while many people were happy for us, a few were jealous, most were bewildered.  The common questions from almost everyone who knew of our retirement were:

  • What will you do every day??
  • How long will it take before you are bored?
  • Won’t you get tired of each other?

Well I am happy to report that from day 1 to day 160 I can enthusiastically say that we have not been bored for even one day, we love every minute together, and the “TO DO”  list that we began on day one just keeps getting longer and longer.

While we are not at all wealthy, we are fortunate that we regularly added money to our 401K and after talking with several investment advisors we think that if we are budget-conscious we can seek out at least one new adventure each month….some more elaborate then others.  And since planning and finding the deals is part of the fun…WE ARE GOIN4FUN!!

We have decided to start our own BLOG because so many people have wanted to know all about our adventures like our Ireland trip (especially after they learned the price), our upcoming European cruise, and just what we have been doing to stay busy and have fun, and what is our secret to being so happy.  So hopefully we will get a few followers and at least one of those followers will be inspired or learn something from our experiences.  If not, we will have a great time reading it ourselves when we are sitting in our rocking chairs!!

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