San Diego Day 1

San Diego is about a 5 hour drive down I-15, but we like to stretch along the way. So a stop at In-n-Out near Barstow was in order. It has to be the busiest location in the world and still we were IN AND OUT in 20 minutes. We also stopped briefly in Escondido to say hello to some friends that live just off the highway. We would be staying at Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay on Shelter Island. Since we were using an RCI travel certificate, we had no expectations other than a week together near the ocean in temps under 100 degrees.

Check-in went well and our room was on the 2nd floor. It was small but clean and our view was overlooking the parking lot and street, but directly across the street was a harbor filled with the masts of hundreds of sail boats.

The bad news was that parking in the hotel lot would cost $25/day. The good news was that bikes could be rented for free and that the Backstage Live restaurant had 1/2 price drinks and appetizers from 5-7 pm and live music every night. We decided to scout out the pool and other facilities and go for happy hour just before it ended. The house was packed with locals who apparently started at 4pm. The band was good and the clientele were middle-aged singles who loved dancing with various partners. We luckily got a great waitress who took our order within 10 minutes of happy hour ending! The food and drinks were great, but when the band stopped the place cleared out quickly. So the lively atmosphere changed abruptly. A new band would start at 9pm but we were anxious to walk the harbor. The temps had dropped significantly and we were glad to have jackets! There were lots of fishermen on the pier and Bon Fires along the Beach…even an AA on the Bay gathering. We were bummed to see signs restricting bicycles on the harbor walkway. That meant we would be riding on the street, but not much traffic, so doable. There were many joggers, lovers, and homeless people enjoying the weather and views along with us!

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