San Diego – USS Midway

Question: How long does it take to tour the USS Midway? Well the brochures recommend about 3 hours max. But if your husband is retired Air Force, who has worked on B52 bonmbers most of his career and loves anything mechanical…you might want to give him a head start and show up later! I have to admit it was fascinating and I was never bored. But watching him look into every nook and cranny for 5 1/2 hours was even more fascinating!

The Midway is a 1,001 foot long, 69,000 ton aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in 1992 and turned into a museum. The self-guided audio tour included in the price of admission was very well done and easy to follow. The retired US Navy docents who volunteer their time had great stories to tell and were very helpful.

There are 3 decks that housed the 4,500 men/women who sailed the Midway, and those decks included living quarters, the kitchen, the laundry, medical facility, post office and everything else that is required in a floating city. The hangar deck and the roof or flight deck displayed the many aircraft that flew on and off the carrier. There were many demonstrations, movies and interactive displays to keep your interest, no matter what your age. We even toured the Brig, the engine room, and the Captain’s bridge.

The Midway was truly an engineering marvel! It gives you a whole new respect for the sailers and the living conditions they endured. And it is incredible that so much activity can be carried on all at once on the flight deck. It is no wonder that the USS Midway is the number one tourist attraction in San Diego.

Parking is only $10 for 12 hours. As retired military, our tickets were only $10 and active duty military can tour for free.


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